( 1 ) Pretreatment Tanks, the first stage of the process receives raw sewage from the source and traps any non-biodegradable waste. ( 2 ) Aeration Chamber. Introduces oxygen into the wastewater by means of an extremely quit & efficient ( 6 ) Linear air pump. This aeration process creates an oxygen rich environment that becomes a favorable environment for the growth of aerobic bacteria. These microscopic organisms digest the solids in the wastewater. ( 3 ) Clarifier, the solids separate from the liquid and settle to the bottom.  That matter is called activated sludge, which is returned to the aeration chamber to be remixed. The clear liquid separates from the solids and continues to flow upward to the discharge pipe where it passes through the ( 4 ) Chlorinator for disinfections. (Where required). ( 5 ) Holding Tank stores the chlorinated effluent for discharge through the chosen method of disposal. ( 7 ) NuWater Control Center monitors and controls the system, making it function at very low cost and maintenance to the homeowner.