The Brands We Service

  • Nu-Water 
  • Aqua Klear 
  • Solar Air 
  • Auqua Safe 
  • Aqua Air 
  • Hoot
  • Clearstream
  • Delta 
  • White Water 
  • Max Air
  • Norweco
  • Jet

Our Services

  • Residential & Commercial Septic Inspections
  • Aerobic Septic Maintenance Agreements
  • Septic Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Air Compresser Filter Cleaning
  • Chlorine Residual Checks



Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance is required for all Aerobic Septic Systems three times a year. It starts four months from the start of your contract. A service tag located on the Control Panel shows a sequence of months followed by an S for service or R for repair. On the day your system is checked the corresponding month there will be an S or R punched out. This insures that your service provider was physically on-site. The phone number of your service provider is printed for your convenience.

Our maintenance contract covers aerobic septic systems only.