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Homeowner Responsibility

Clean Drip Filter (Drip Irrigation):
  1. Turn power off to the system. 

  2. Unscrew and remove green septic lid for the Drip filter (Drip Box).

  3. Unscrew flexible hose going into drip housing and pull off.

  4. Use wrench provided inside the drip box to unscrew the drip housing.

  5. Remove drip filter from drip housing. 

  6. Take rings apart from drip filter and rinse drip filter.

  7. Once drip filter is cleaned put drip filter and housing back together.

  8. Secure drip box (Green lid).

  9. Turn power back on to the septic system.



Adding Bleach:
  1. Remove 4” PVC Cap located on the septic system.

  2. If empty pour 3-4 Gallons until blech level is up to the clear or red hose inside the bleach reservoir.

  3. Secure chlorine cap back onto reservoir.

  4. Add bleach once a month as needed.



If the red alarm is on:

If the red alarm is on and the sprinklers are spraying, stop using any water and wait. This will cause the water levels to drop below the alarm level. If the red alarm is on and the sprinklers are not spraying, make sure the [PUMP] breaker is in the ON position in the control panel.

If the amber alarm is on:

If the amber alarm is on, make sure the compressor switch is in the UP position. Check the 1/8 inch air tube at both ends and make sure no air is leaking. Make sure the breaker switch labeled {PUMP} is on inside of the control panel. 

If your system smells:

If your system smells you can check your chlorine supply in the chlorinator - if it is low or empty you can refill it. Also check to make sure your compressor is running.



This section teaches you how to correctly set the timer - which controls the cycle of your pump. 

The timer is located inside of the control panel. Locate the small white triangle in the upper right region of the timer. This triangle corresponds to the outer numbers of the timer and should correctly correspond to the current time of day. The number 6 digit is replaced by A.M. or P.M.

If the time is not correct, turn the outer dial clockwise until the correct hour, including A.M. or P.M. is reached. For example, the time is 9:25 A.M., locate the 9 on the A.M. side of the timer and turn the dial until the white arrow is pointing at the 9.

To set the minutes, use the inside circle which represents a clock face and contains a movable minute hand. From the example in the above step, move the minute hand to the appropriate location of the 25 minute mark.

These steps will help you to correctly set your timer to the correct time.

Need a copy of these instructions? Download.


For questions please call us at: 830.995.3189

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